Wood Burnin’


Here’s a quick update on some stuff I’ve been making! While I’m working with Danielle on going through my manuscripts/dummies, and making new pieces for my portfolio, I also have some side projects going on! One I just finished today was a set of wood burned coasters! These are made out of birch wood, and I burned a few of the geometric designs I made for my adult coloring book onto the wood. They turned out well and smell like autumn with a little smokiness! You can check them out in my Etsy shop if you’re interested!





I also started a graphic journal this week! I’ve always wanted to keep a journal and write down my thoughts about things that happen each day. And I’ve been immersing myself in graphic novels, and am trying to get better at organizing images and text on a page in a graphic-y-novel-y way. So I thought this exercise might be a good way to do all that! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up most days.



And lastly, I just finished my most recent personal project that I’ve been chugging along on for a while! This is a little sneak peek, and I’ll show you the whole thing in about a week or so after I’ve approved the final version!

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