Itchy, Itchy, Itchy. (Girl Feeling #8)


The newest addition to my Girl Feelings series depicts my current emotion of sheer frustration at my incessantly itchy bug bites. I took my dog, Oni, on a hike through the woods to a little beach area and somehow managed to get over 40 chigger bites. The day after the trip the itchiness was so bad I could hardly think of anything else, so (as the habit goes) I drew an illo of what I was feeling. It helped.

Oni got through the trip with only 1 tick even though he was the one tromping off the path. Maybe I should take flea and tick medicine. Or grow fur. Anyways, here’s some process shots so far of the illustration. I’ll post the final later this week!

Refined pencil sketch in my sketchbook.
The pieces of the inked illo separated out to make digital coloring go more smoothly.

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