Bug Bite Bug Brigade


Yi! I have a new finished illustration! This piece is called the Bug Bite Bug Brigade. Catchy, no? I thought I’d show a little of the process behind the illustration—I obsess over taking photos/screenshots while working, so I might as well share them with somebody! Above, is a spread from my sketchbook that houses the sketch of this piece, as well as a few other related and unrelated things.


Here is the inked version of the refined sketch.


And here is the piece after it has been painted, and as I began to ink the final piece.bb-bug-brigade-final


And this is the final illustration!



Also for the astute readers/lurkers/people who stumbled into this and don’t know where they are but looked around anyways: you may have noticed the name Gisele written in my sketchbook like a third grader in love (I totally scibbled Tobias from the Animorphs all over my notebooks in middle school). Well this is a sneak peak into some client work I’m currently cooking up! It’s a really fun project creating a birth announcement card, complete with hand drawn typography. And pink! Pink really isn’t my thing, and neither really are babies for that matter, but I’m really enjoying this project, and I can’t wait to post the final product once it’s done!

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